May 4, Saturday

Walked to Date dorm early in the morning to pick up the girl students. Took them to Waikiki for surfing lessons. Bunch of complains again of course. Them Korean, drives me crazy. Arrived at the beach and just surfed. I was just helping the instructors and the students the whole time. It was good fun though. After surfing. most students went home but some wanted to stay at Waikiki. I stayed with them and took them to Galleria. Garim, Rachel, Yejin, Ujeon, Suwan, and Heejin. Nice group of people. Garim was funny. I went home to shower then went back to meet them. We walked to Todai for lunch with everyone. Didn’t eat much. Just hang there then went home. I wanted to hang more but they were tired so whatever. Yejin talked to me soon as she got wifi though. She always talks to me and I like it. So funny today. Jack told me to bring throw her to the water so we tried. I took off her bag and give it to Jack. He never came back he walked somewhere with Dohyeon. So just me and Yejin went to the water for a bit. We put beach water on her Starbucks cup and was suppose to give it to Jack. Jack said no and Tim(main bus) drank it. Hahahahahaha oh my god. Tim drank it. He immediately spit it out. Way to get the boss. She talked to me while I was home. She asked me to go see her at Starbucks and I went and get a haircut instead. I want to see her tomorrow.

Went to HON 491 dinner at Gordon’s house. It was another nice relaxing talk and dinner with everyone. We got to reflect on our own selves. Now back home texting the night away with Yejin.

May 3, Friday

Work at KISC, hang at Honda (MBC Korean TV station came to interview me today but I wasn’t there oops I told them come at 1), then went to HON 491 class. I always debate whether to go or not. I left early to go to Old Spaghetti factory for Iclub dinner. Sat by Ippei, Kohei, Yuki, Josh and Yukyoung. Iclub is awkward place now. Everyone is a couple. Was supposed to watch Ironman but I felt bad for some reason. Went with Allan, Kohei and Yuki instead. We went to Brian’s first but they were having a high school event so I guess no alcohol. Went to Choon Chun and drank a bunch of Yogurt soju instead. Noah and Jack came to join us. Yejin called me because they were lost. I asked Jack to pick them up and he brought them to Choon Chun but they really had to go so I let them go home. I tried to ask Yejin for IClub dinner but she couldn’t cause I guess she feels weird leaving alone and getting questioned my Minji guys. She’s a bit annoying. Just drank a lot. Went to Don Quijote for a while then we all walked together back to Waikiki.

May 2, Thursday

Took the bus and say Dohyeon, Seboom, Hwaryeon, and Jieun at the bus. Walked them to their class. Worked at KISC then Honda all day. After the girls’ class they wanted to go to Waikiki so I brought them there. Jack kept asking too many girls but left me on my own to take care of them. Too much! Went to Ross to let them shop. Took Yejin, Minji, Yura and Heejune to Island Vintage for some Acai Bowl. Yura and Minji are kinda annoying man but they are best friends with Yejin or something so I have no choice. Met up with the group then walked to Hilton beach together. Gave them a small tour before taking them to bus stop. A lot of walking. I waited with Ekela people at the bust stop and made sure I send them home. Then I went to McCully to meet Jack and the 4 Date girls. We went to Choon Chun but got kicked out because the boss was working, fuck lol they are underage. So took them to Chogajib. Fun times. We were able to drink. Noah came and everyone just went crazy for him. Good times. The girls ended up paying for the food which made me feel bad but said something about them. I hope they feeling of friendship doesn’t die down too fast. Jack took them home and I drunkenly walked with Noah.

May 1, Wednesday

New Korean group of students arrived. I had to go to Ekela dorm to pick them up and take the bus together. It was blazing hot. I had to wait for them for 30 minutes and I got a little irritated. There was 17 of them! I had to take them to the bus stop and take them to KCC together. Too much people. Brought them to school and had lunch at cafeteria first before taking them to their classroom. Jack brought the Date street dorm over. It was funny. He said he got the kakaotalk of one of them already. I asked if if was the one with the black dress(Dohyeon) and he said yes and I was like yeah we think the same. His group was cool. They split into two groups and we took them for a quick campus tour. Then it was all chaos again. I ended up taking the bus home with all the girls and making sure they all got home on the right place. Tom took Ekela home. I took the Date people home. I went at their place for a bit then I took them to 711 to buy a bus pass. Of course they complained a lot because it was so hot and I kept saying 5 minutes 5 minutes haha. After bus pus they all left except for Dohyeon and Seboom. We went to Snow Factory to eat and just chill, talk and get to know each other more. Went home after that to change.

Went to SHIMA end of the year banquet. Got to wear a tuxedo again. It was a good dinner with the SHIMA people. I ended up getting awarded as the President still but I just felt bad for it since I resigned for being too busy. I didn’t want to take any of their credits. It was still a good hangout though.

Went to Choon Chun right after. Drank with Jack, Kohei, Omma, William and Sewon. Omma was making me practice Nothing Better by Jungyup saying that it will impress girls. It’s a hard song! Voice hurt afterwards. But it was a good, relaxing hangout. Chayne joined us later. We went to Five Oceans for round 2 before heading back home

Spring Break 2013 ~ Part II

Wednesday, March 27 - Went to HIC to meet baby Arisa. Her sister, Chisato (Chi Chi) was visiting from Japan. We meet Jack. Lunch at Pioneer. Went to Sandy Beach -> CoCo Marina for Bubbies -> Alamoana. Went home for a while then we met at night for Choon Chun. Karaoke with Jayden, Kohei, Chi Chi, Arisa, Louis and Jin. Good time. Yujin was randomly there. Said hi for a little bit. Was a nice relaxing hangout. 

Thursday, March 28 - Stayed home to do homework. Then went out for dinner at Tita Clem’s house. Dinner with her, Ella, Erwin and Kathryn. Was a fun Filipino time. Thanks for cooking us sinigang 

Friday, March 29 - Met with Joie in the morning for our Chinatown project. she’s so useless. Wtf. Went to Chinatown to have lunch with Arisa and Chi Chi. Jin joined us to go eat dim sum. Went to ward fro Acai Bowl then go to Brians for pool. Jin had to go somewhere. I hangout with Arisa and Chi Chi tin Waikiki. Walked around then watched the fireworks. Then we went for a late dinner at Kickin Kajun. Was so packed. I like the seafood place. Bye bye Chi Chi! It was nice meeting you. 

Saturday, March 30 - Round Island Trip with I-Club. Kristy was quiet to me the whole time. Felt awkward so I just didn’t talk to her. Was in Louis’ car the whole trip with Uni and Jayden. Too many couples. It was a good round island trip. They wanted to go Lobster King for dinner but i was so tired and had many homework so I asked to get dropped early. Korean Jack messaged me though and asked me to hangout with some HK girls her met at Ginza. I ended up getting swayed to join. Met two nice girls, Mina and Doris. We went to Rum Fire. Interesting place. Just drank and dance. Mina was pretty cool and hot. I really was so tired though so I called Jack to come. You know you have a best friend when you can call them and say hey I’m so tired so can you take a girl away from me haha. We went to Genius to drink before I went home. I let them go to Ginza. was too tired. I went home and did homework before falling asleep. 

Monday, March 25. Hike!